5.1. What is X-lexicon?

X-definitions allow you to work with language mutations of XML objects. In the X-lexicon section it is possible to describe how to translate attribute and element names for each language version. Sample:
<xd:def xmlns:xd="http://www.xdef.org/xdef/4.2" name="Test" root="Book" >
  <Book isbn="int(10000000, 999999999);"
      year = "gYear();"
      title = "string();" >
      <Author xd:script="occurs *"> string(); </Author>
<xd:lexicon language='eng' default='yes'>
/* All items in the model of Book are in English version. */
<xd:lexicon language='deu'>
/* German version */
    Test#Book        = Buch
    Test#Book/@year  = Jahr
    Test#Book/@title = Titel
    Test#Book/Author = Autor
<xd:lexicon language='fra'>
/* French version */
    Test#Book        = Livre
    Test#Book/@year  = année
    Test#Book/@title = titre
    Test#Book/Author = Auteur
You can try it HERE