7.1. What is X-component?

From compiled X-definitions, you can generate Java source code of X-components. The classes of X-components contain getters and setters so can this way access data declared in the model. Let's have a simple X-definition:
<xd:def xmlns:xd="http://www.xdef.org/xdef/4.2" name="Test" root="Book" >
  <Book isbn="int(100000000, 9999999999);"
      year = "gYear();"
      title = "string();" >
      <author xd:script="occurs *"> string(); </author>
    %class test.book.Book %link Test#Book;
Note in the example was declared component "Book", which will be generated to the package "test.book".
It contains the following getters and setters in the Java source code:
package test.book;
public class Book implements org.xdef.component.XComponent{
  public String getisbn() {...}
  public setisbn(String x) {...}
  public org.xdef.sys.SDatetime getyear() {...}
  public setyear(org.xdef.sys.SDatetime x) {...}
  public String gettitle() {...}
  public void settitle(String x) {...}
  public java.util.List<Book.author> listOfauthor() {...}
  public void addauthor(Book.author x) {...}